09 June 2008

1. Bucharest and the begin

Now I begin to say you all about this Girl ( Georgiana A. Mol.....) and his Friend’s.

February 2006 21:15 Bucharest Time the first Meeting is finish and I and my Colleagues want drink after the Dinner a Beer we go to the Lobby Bar. I’m order Ursus for me and my Colleague Dark Beer.

We drink one, two ... and we make Jokes with the Barkeeper it is two Girl’s Stefania and Georgiana.
Stefania don’t speak much English but Georgiana.
We speak about the Meeting and the Business and when we order a new beer that we ask her about Bucharest and the Life here.

After 3 a clock we pay and go sleep. I don’t can Sleep and go back to the Bar and speak more Time with her about his life and all.

I don’t remember all.

Ever Night we (my Colleagues and me) stay on the Bar and Speak and drink. She tell as we hard it is and how much salary she have and what all cost in Bucharest and we understand more and more the situation from the People. It is not easy.
This Life but she smil and have fun. The People enjoy his Life. I beleif this 2006.

After 5 Day we all go back. My Colleagues back to UK and i to Germany but i know that i must come back in two week´s and my company book in the same Hotel for me.

I see her back and we speak only on the Bar. After two day´s i have the first date with her. 2 Hour before she much go to Work. In the first Time I’m Interesting about her Life and what she doing. She tells me that she work from 20:00 a clock to 10 a clock in the morning and only one day she have free.

All the day she sleeps and don’t have Time for friend’s and don’t have money to go out. All the money she gives her Mama. That she must pay for all the same price we I in the Hotel. Now she must go to work and i go to and stay on the bar.

The next day I fly back to Germany. We speak all the night and i make one Photo from her and she say please send me this and she give me her Phone number.

Back in Germany begin for my normal Work but i think on her and what she tell me. One week later I remember his Photo and ask her per SMS for she’s address. The next Day I become a SMS from her with his Address.

I’m married and don’t think to this time on more about her only what I can do to help her. I print the Photo and put 50 Euro in the later and send her this.

I Say thank you and that she don’t misunderstand the money and hope that she can go to the hairstyle and relax by a massage.

Because this she say to me that she want do and that I’m next month come back to Bucharest because I go the next week to Spain and hope to see her.

The ends of April I come back to Bucharest in the Caro Hotel I call her and ask she have Time but she say not. In the evening I call a Taxi and drive to the Phoenicia because I want see her and I have from Spain a gift for her. The bar is very full and we don’t have time to speak after 2 a clock I give her the present and she is so happy about this. I never see so happy a girl to this time.

The next day I call and we visit in the La Fitze Restaurant. This is very nice restaurant direct on the lake. We eat and speak and she goes to Work. In the night I drive again to her and we speak.

She´s Boss come in the night to control and I go because I don’t want that she become problems about me and I say bye and she say I call you later. In the morning 6 a clock she call me and come to the Caro hotel but she war’s very shine because she don’t want that he people think that she is a prostitute. I come out and take her and we speak in the lobby.

She say to me please the next night you don´t come to my work I don´t can speak with you but after I finish I call you and come to you. I say her after tomorrow I fly back to Germany and that we have only this 2 day’s. I don’t now when I come next time back to Bucharest.

08 June 2008

2. Georgiana and his Friend´s

She call and later she come with his Girl-Friend Maria* to the Caro. 2 hour later she go and say to me tomoorow Morning i come back.

She come to the breakfast. After the breakfast she go home because she is very tired and i must go to Work. We call a taxi for her and we go. She say to me call me later when im finish and back in the Hotel. We i´m bach i call her but she tell me that she not can come becouse have problems but Maria come and bring me a letter.

In the letter Georgiana say that she have Problems with his Mama and she don´t can go out becouse his Mama want Money from her and she don´t have. Please Help me and give Maria Money and i come later. I do this. I give Maria same money and she bring this to Georgiana. She don´t come this day. The next Day i go to Work and speak only on the Phone.

This day i must much Work and don´t can see her. Next Day I must fly back to Germany and she bring me to the Airport.
The next time is not so Interesting.
I think this war im July 2006. I’m again in the Caro Hotel because we have a big Meeting. I call Georgiana and she say to my when I come this night than come Flori and I can speak with her because she must Work the Hotel is full. Flori is a nice Girl. She understands English but don’t speak and we don’t speak much this night. Later she goes to same body and speaks with him. I understand this, what she want speak with my. I thing I go at 3 a clock. The next day I drive to Brasov for one week. The Sales-Meeting started. After the Meeting I fly back to Germany.

In the next Time I feel same for her and my Wife feel this too. In August I disassociate from my Wife. I feel that i never love her. I’m telling this Georgiana and she tells me that she want to come to Germany.
The next month I send her much money for paper and all. My next trip to Bucharest wars November. I see her and we speak when she want come to Germany and she tell me next Month than she have the paper ready. I belief and Fly back to Germany.
She doesn’t come only take the money. The next time we I speak with her war to begin 2007.

Now she comes to Germany with Ionela-Florentina (Flori) for one Week. In Germany I buy her much dress and all what she want. I don’t can say NO.
We drive to a friend and I buy jewel for her and ring for her and me. My Friend give me Gold Necklaces and Wristbands. He say to me Sale this and give me the money later. I speak with Georgiana and she say yes I can sale. She now that is not my and we must give my friend the money back later.

The next Month is nothing interesting she come to Germany, we go shopping and she ask me we can buy for a friend Vladi a motorbike jacket and he give the money later back, I say yes. She come with one case to Germany and go back with 3 big bag and every Time she ask me please you can help me I give you later back and when she fly back after the next Day really she ask me the same. I don´t have.....please va rog.....

She and Flori come. She ask me that she have same Photo and we can Print this I say yes not a problem. She say please don´t look is same Picture from Flori and you don’t see this is Actpiture. Later we go to the hospital to my sister, Leoni is born and we all have fun. My Sister asks Georgiana she want make the godfather and she say yes I’m Happy to make this. We go and on the way to the car Flori and Georgiana fight. I don’t understand why. I ask but she say it is not your Business.

Home I go one my computer and I found same picture and ask her what is this. I see Flori with him and Georgiana. ( You can see the case under the table,she come from germany back)
She say this is a very bad joke and Flori say the same I belief because i see Flori with him too. Next Day She and Flori fly back.

The next 4 Day we speak much on the Phone. Than I Fly to Bucharest and I see her.

She come very Doleful in my Hotel and tell me that she’s mama is sick and stay in the Hospital and that she must go in a another Hospital but don’t have money. That she asks same body but nobody can help her.

She needs 600 Euro. I say OK I help you. I don’t have so much but I look what I can do. The next day she comes and I give her the money. She is happy and drives with his mother in the Hospital with Flori. I call Flori and ask it is true and she say yes. I trust Flori and belief her. Georgiana call me again that she need more money and I say ok I bring you give me the address and I come she say no is better you don’t come but you can give my father I say ok. I don’t belief her and I drive to she’s Father. He say me that she is in the Hospital and that hi give her the money and thank you very much. Flori and the Father say the same I think it is true.

I fly back to Germany. In the next Day’s she call me much time and cry because she need much more money. I send her but I don’t feel good. I say her that I come to Bucharest and want see her. She says no but I book the fly. We fight much one the phone and she tell me she Fly to Spain.

I take all what she have in Germany and want given hers mother. I tell her on the phone but she say “no” I work in Spain and give you all the money back.
I speak with Flori she speak now more and better English and she say yes is true, she is in Spain and Work because she want give you back all the Money.

I speak now much time witch Georgiana on the Phone and ask her. How much Time, you want Work in Spain. I say come back to Bucharest and Work here with me and you can give back step by step when you really want. She says Yes I want give you all back and I come next week. She ask me please you can help me and give money flori for my grandma she must go to the Doctor. I give Flori.

We she come back from Spain we speak much Time and she tell me that she really want stay with me.
In the next Time I must fly to Germany and trust her that she looks for a apartment for me and her. She calls me and say I found one very nice 3 Rooms and 100 m² cost 700 Euro per month. I say fine. What you need now. She says that she now needs the money for the apartment for 3 month is normally. (3 month and the first rent).
I sale all what I have in Germany and send her the 3000 Euro for this apartment.

She says ok next day I go and signer the contract.
In the evening I call her but she don’t answer. I call Flori and she gives me Georgiana. She cry very much and tell me that we she go to the Bank same body come and steal his hand bagged with the money and his phone and all.
In the first time I don’t belief and ask every time Flori is this True and she say yes. I belief because Flori say Yes.

I speak with Flori and Georgiana because next Day’s I want come to Bucharest and she says that he has a 1 Room Apartment and it is shipper as a Hotel.

I say OK. Tomorrow I come.It is a very warm day, Georgiana pick me up from the Airport, she tell that we have Time and we drive to his family because I have same gifts. By his Family she ask I want eat same think. I say yes i´m hungry because I eat the last yester day.

She say we want make a barbecue. I say yes it is a good idea.
Ok give me money and I go to buy all. In the first Time I’m become a big shock but I’m hungry and I give her and she go. Later come Flori and we have Fun.

I think at 16:00 we drive to the Apartment. The owner come I signer the contract and it is a nice small apartment in Unirii.
The next Day’s I managed all about the Job’s, for Flori and Georgiana.
Flori is ready only Georgiana must Signer. We go to the Office and she signer and I say to the manager please by all what you have call Georgiana she managed now all. Georgiana give her his Phone number. Later we drive to the Bank. Georgiana signer all Document and this war’s my biggest mistake.
The next Day i must back to Germany because i must clearing my old apartment and Flori and his Boy friend Mihai-Nelu (Dany) ask me I can look for a Car for him. I say yes and I send you the Picture and you say Yes or No. In Germany I look for a Car for him. He say me what he want pay for a Car.I found same and speak with Georgiana and send her the picture. She tell Dani and he want. Georgiana and Flori ask you can Buy the Car and when you here you become back the Money.
I trust Flori and buy the car. I register the Car of my name in Germany and the next Day I drive to Bucharest.

In Bucharest I become a very big shock. Georgiana tell my, that she don’t can stay with me because she can not a normally relationship.
This war’s the first shock but next come she take all the Money.

I speak with her very long time and she tell “ I give you all back I look for a job and give you step by step all back” I swear by the live from my Brother and Grandma. Mario belief my. I say Ok

The next day’s I think what I can do because I want my Money back I need.
I give Dany the Car and he gives me same money for the car but not all. He want give later all. I belief him and Flori and we speak about Georgiana and today I now he tell me not the true.

I look for a new Apartment and ask my friend’s in Germany he can help me and give my same credit. I don’t say the true and that Georgiana take all my money. I’m very shine about this. He give my and I rent a apartment in Dorobant. It is very nice.
The next Day’s I fight much with Georgiana and she with Flori.

I now that Flori and Dany have same problems. Dany’s devoice is not ready and his Ex-Wife make much trouble. Flori have trouble to because Georgiana don’t can give money for the rent and all.
I say to her. I have one room free and you and Dany can come. I pay the rent and you the food. She say yes and in the next month the cancel the apartment and take all what she have.

The next time I’m very Disappoint and depressive because Georgiana and that she steal and so much lei. I want kill my self and drink very much and open the Gas but she Georgiana come in my home and found my.
In the next month I want fond the true about her and I found.

From February on is she altogether with his Boy his name is Nelut B. he is marred and have 2 Children.
She drives with him to Spain and all the time when she don’t can come to me she go to him, she lei with his mother.
She drive with him and call me because he don´t understand English.

In this time he can buy a new BMW, I think from my money but I’m not sure.
From begin on she only what take my money for him and his Family?
The Gold she sold and don´t give me the moeny.
She give him?
From all the money what she takes you can buy two nice Houses.
I want kill my self again and drink very much take pills but Flori and Georgiana found my home and bring me in the hospital.
All the Time Flori tell her what i want do about her and lei me much more.

After I want heard more about her and what she do. I go and ask all what is this for a Girl and she tell me what she do and that she really short time very happy about me because the time for me she work not only and the Bar and that im not the first with him she do this.much people say to me she is a Bitch girl.
Big careful and don´t ask to much. I tell this Georgiana and want from her the true but she talk with same bat Friend´s from her and now.

I have now much problems about her and same body tell my “Mario it is better for you life you go back to Germany and forget all”

I’m not an afraid about me but my friend´s. ( To this time i think i have friend´s). I don’t want that she become problems. I have now so much problems that I not afraid about my life.

I go back to Germany I put all what I have in my Car and end of November I go with nothing back. I give Flori a Mobilephone and a Notebook and say to her please when i need this give me back and Dany the same i give him a Mobilephone too.
I want from Flori and Dany this back because i need this, she don´t give , she don´t have.

In Germany I have much more Problems.
About Flori and Dany I can say that he don’t give me the money back. For the Car I never become the Money and now I must pay new Tax for this year.
I help so much and become nathing back he make the same.
What for friend´s ?
I never can trust or belief. Please Big carefule.Ai grija de tine.


I can do nothing about her because she lei with all and when same body say to you i give you back later really he want say NEVER.

I don´t lost my Love for Romania. It is a very nice Country and in this live really good peoble. Belief my. I say Thank you for the good moments Romania and this is TRUE.

Larevedere bucuresti.merci frumos pt toate momentele.Ai grija de tine.
Thank´s Flori (Ionela-Florentina D) , Dany (Mihai-Nelu M.) and Georgiana A.M.

07 June 2008

3. Flori and Dany

Now i want tell you more aboute Flori and Dany,

She ask me i can help her with samethink.

I remember one time i come with her from his mama and she tell me in the taxi that Gerogiana and Gabi, don´t can give the money for rent and Power and she must pay and don´t now from how she become this money now, she cry much and i give her. The next Time his mama is sick and stay in the Hospital and she need help i help her.

You now that Flori want work but really she want the salery but never work.
From begin on the take the salery but do nathing. She and Georgiana become a new Mobilephone for his Work with a Vodafone Card. Georgiana call for 800 Euro befor we stop and Flori sametime for 200 Euro but she say i give you back.
Befor she come in my Apartment she do really nathing and after every Time she found a way why she not can work. Much time she must help Dany.

One time we drive to Germany because i must go to a Distribution Event. I ask she and Dany he want come with me to this event and she say yes. We drive with my car first time to my Mother and after to this Event in munch. He ask me we can drive from Munch after this Event to Dany´s sister she life in Belgin i say yes we have time. From Munch to Belgin it is 1000 KM i drive.
I don´t ask who pay the benzin for this but Flori tell me that Dany want give me later back. I say OK. We stay 2 Day´s in Belgin and drive back to Bucharest. I never speak aboute the benzin or samethink. When i drive i drink much RedBull and every time i go and bay all to drinks and food.

Back in Bucharest Flori tell me that she make same mistake with Dany Photocamera and i can repair. This Camara she become in germany by his last trip with Georgiana and i buy this and same more how she want give back later. I don´t can repair but i see that the metro have the same and i say her we buy a new and Dany nerver see the different and she say yes it is a good. I drive and buy a new but is it a better model and Dany see this. She tell him all and say to me i give you later back.

Next Time she tell me that Dany´s son must go to Belgin and he don´t can give me the money back because he need so much for his son.
He call much time Dany´s sister from Flori´s Phone and this bill is 400 Euro and she say agine i give this back.

One evening we wath TV Flori begin to cry and i ask what she have and she tell me that his Mother is sick and she need 1000 ron (350 Euro) for the Doctor and want sale his TV and DVD. I say OK i give you for this TV and DVD the money that you can help you Mama . I give and she want drive to his sister that she give his mama because she now that his money come from me whan Flori give her. I say OK and Flori say to me please say nathing to Dany. I don´t understand but i say yes.

In the night she call me and say please you can out and when Dany come home we say that we go out and come now home i say Ok. I stay for the House and wight of her. I see a BMW come and stay for the house i see Flori and wight much time i go to the Car but he startet and drive 250 m and stopt. I dont now that Georgina and his Boy friend is it. Flori come with much dresse.I ask her what it is you see me and drive? and she tell me that it is Georgiana and his Boyfriend.

Now i know that she not need the money for his Mama. She give this Georgiana that she can pay his rent. I´m very pissoff and i drive to Dany´s work and speak with him abaute this.Flori say every Time that she give the money his mama and i can call her. Nice she don´t understand english. Good joke but i belief.

Every Time i look that we have food and zigaretts home. In all the Time Dany or flori never bay zigaretts. Same time food but OK. I think you know how much time.

Flori have problems to work on the computer and become every time headache. I say please we go to the eye specialist and check your eye´s you need a glasses.

We go and she need. She look for a modell and we take this. I and Dany tell her that she must take all the time and not only when she want, because he cost 700 Euro. She tell yes i take really every Day and i buy. I think now she can really work.

But nathing 2 day´s Work and than she do nathing.

We lost this Job´s and i look for a new for her. One friend have a resturant and he need samebody for coaching his service team. I speak with Flori and with my Skill´s we can do this i help her and she become his Salery.She say yes i want do this.I now want i must do but 3 Day´s later she never want. all Job´s we lost because she don´t want Work.

Really i must say thanx for the time we i want kill my self. she help me that i don´t do this agine and speak but she only don´t want loos the nice time and that she have all.

I don´t know, what she really think and want.

After 8 Month she tell me the same in all the time she never can give me 10 ron and you can never say what is truth or not.

She begin to say that she want help me and do nathing only speak and every time she say don´t forget what i do for you Mario, i don´t forget , but ....... when she from begin on say the truth and don´t play and lei so much.

When she really want work, than i don´t have so much problems and we don´t lost all and I don´t must go and need now help.

When she say the truth ...............


Today i can say that i never want so employee´s and it is better you work alone befor you hire this people.

and trust only your self and never believe when samebody tell you this Story´s.

When samebody need help Please help but look and check it is truth befor you trust and believe her.

Much People need really help and please help but don´t forget that she can lei and play with you and when she say i give later back. Say good bye to your money is better,then you not so dissapoint when you never become back and give really only this what you don´t need.

Never hope that she help you because she nerver want only speak but never do this i can say this from Flori,Dany,Georgiana and his family.

All forget very fast what you do for her!!! This she never remember!!!!

This is way i say big careful. What for friend you have and how you help.